Staff augmentation is becoming an increasingly popular method of hiring skilled developers within the IT industry. This shift is taking place as businesses seek to reduce capital costs and lower overall operational costs that would otherwise be difficult if all teams consisted of full-time, permanent employees. If a business aims to hire freelance developers to complement current in-house employees, then they must be strategically selected to ensure they will fit in smoothly with the company’s core values and improve workflow. Such filtration will take place partly during the interview process to identify the strengths & expertise, personality traits, and characteristics of each developer. We have gathered a list of some of the top interview questions to ask to identify how well they qualify:

Are you able to meet this deadline?

No two projects will ever be the same in terms of requirements and length, however, one common characteristic is there will always be an exact deadline. A good developer needs to be able to analyze the product requirement & functionalities, and accordingly answer whether they would realistically be able to complete the task at the required time. A great developer will also be able to point out any missing factors when the interviewer gives a brief of the product requirements and future workflow plans.

What do you think are the core skills needed?

As previously discussed on our blog there a variety of traits and characteristics that distinguish the truly great developers from the good developers. Asking a question that is focused on core competencies allows the interviewer to get a sense of the way they think and what they believe are the most critical elements behind their work processes. A great developer will provide an answer that goes beyond just listing the technical expertise that they believe the job requires, but also the necessary interpersonal and communication skills.

How do you communicate?

It is essential to establish the preferred methods of communication used by each candidate for the position when hiring. Whether phone, through text, email, etc. it will show how well the candidate will fit in with existing team members or with full-time, permanent employees. A large part of successful staff outsourcing is dependent on clear and effective two-way communication making this a critical interview question.

How do you keep up with the latest technology trends & programming languages?

With the continuous rate of change within the industry, any developer must be aware of new trends and trending new programming languages to learn. Asking such a question gives the interviewer a chance to analyze if they are on top of the latest trends based on the examples they give and the sources they provide for how they keep up. An ideal answer should combine various factors including extensive research and networking with peers or other talent within the industry.

How have you solved similar problems before?

Asking a potential developer about the methods they have used to solve problems in the past demonstrates their style of work. It can surely provide an overview of the way they approach tasks & handle unexpected problems and portrays the way they communicate within their team or with team members to solve a problem. Asking this question further provides insight as to how long they spend on debugging which acts as one of the potential indicators of how well they can write code. This also helps give a sense of whether they prefer to work independently or collaboratively as part of a team in the occurrence of an unexpected change in project scope or if any problem arises.


Staff augmentation is an excellent method of bridging an existing gap in expertise and skills or to free full-time permanent employees to work on other projects. Hiring dedicated developers will assist in meeting tight deadlines, accelerating time-to-market, and boosting flexibility & overall business workflow. The questions asked during the hiring process will help guarantee that the most suitable candidates are selected for the project or team. At Cornet Elevated we offer 3 innovative staffing plans to help you streamline your business processes. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about how we can assist you in boosting your staff with the top 2% of freelance developers.

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