Dedicated Development Center (DDC)

DDC is the model in which Cornet provides a remotely located dedicated managed engineering team to develop, maintain, support, test your technology products.

A dedicated development team model to your advantage

Our proprietary software development center guarantees an efficient and customizable outsourcing experience that begins by leadership planning in a strategic manner that works on the impulse to offer more than just cost efficiency.

What is DDC?

Our Dedicated Development Center (DDC) means you have ready access to an extended, integrated and dedicated team of experts. These analysts, developers, designers, and QA professionals support your company on your schedule, no matter where you are located. You get a team of trained resources that feels like an extension of your own company’s talent who work in coordination with your onsite team.

Who can get benefit from DDC?

Start-ups to enterprise businesses have used our DDC model to manage software service remotely and reduce operational expenses, increase productivity, and give projects the agility to excel.

Why you need to consider the DDC model?

The DDC’s multidisciplinary team allows for increased cost-saving potential by offering a wide range of centralized services delivered on time every time.

Boost your business, product, and brand

You can also train our developers to use your tools and provide services according to your business hours and in keeping with your company culture. Understanding your product or brand helps build a meaningful long-term business relationship that translates to a healthier bottom line and positive work experience.

Dedicated Development Center Benefits

Cost-effective and dedicated resources

  • Better ROI
  • Focus on your core business
  • Affordable, highly-qualified resources
  • Innovative, highly detailed solutions
  • Access to a diverse team of specialists
  • Cost-efficiencies in salaries and infrastructure
  • Control over development and implementation process
  • Adhere to your business culture and business hours

Painless communication

Zero risk

Superior work

Top 2% of freelance developers

Perfect Layout

Clean Code

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