Quality Control System


Quality Control System

A Quality Control System for a Call Center located in Fairfax, VA

Quality control software systems are critical in ISO compliant and regulated environments. Software for quality control and assurance offers companies the greatest risk management and return on investment (ROI).

QC is a smart system which the quality control team uses to monitor is using to monitor the call center agents and their calls. Also, the software allows the QC team to do the auditing, in addition to logging any critical errors and guide the agent to avoid it.

Our Team succeeded to invent and implement the following modules

  • Checklists for each L.O.B (Line of Business) to maintain the quality aspects for each.
  • KPIs module for the call center agents
  • Physician Module, based on the physician NPI
  • Periodical customized reports
  • Task assignment feature
  • A customized Dashboard for each user based on his/her access privileges
  • Data Security




  • Client: Call Center
  • Date: 07-22-2016
  • Team: 3 developers, 1 UI Developer
  • Development Time: 5 months
  • Technology/Tools: UnitOfWork, Repository Design Pattern, Fluent Validation, Elmah Library, Owin authentication


Team Members

3 developers, 1 UI Developer



5 months of development


Productivity increased

The new system increased productivity by more than 40%