A pandemic in the modern world is undoubtedly different from an outbreak in the middle ages. With technology taking over, it’s inevitable to think of its role in defying the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and hindering it from spreading. buy dnp

Although coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is zoonotic, meaning that it’s transmitted between animals and people, it’s also communicable; it can be transferred between humans. Face-to-face interactions are not as necessary as they were before, especially when the world is trying to prevent a pandemic from transmitting. One of the most basic procedures is to reduce the exposure of patients with each other, especially the ones with chronic diseases—as the @WHO confirmed that patients with chronic conditions are more prone to catching the virus.

The availability of remote healthcare motivates the healthcare industry heads to re-think the whole concept of care delivery. Medical healthcare institutions are trying to reduce face-to-face interactions between patients and medical staff by using Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) technology to control the outbreak of COVID-19 successfully.

At the time being, the infection-control efforts that almost all ACOs, physicians, practitioners, and medical institutes are executing grow more significant. When patients have their health records and readings reviewed periodically to prevent any complications, or to detect any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, it helps with curbing the virus. In other words, with the use of RPM’s cutting-edge technology, healthcare providers can remotely help patients adhere to treatment, and help physicians monitor the appearance of any COVID-19 symptoms, and take the necessary actions to prevent complications or wrong diagnosis.

To restraint face-to-face communication and maintain professional and effective medical treatment from afar, our RPM technology is going viral- as it provides online consultation and integration with medical devices sharing the critical vital signs. This enables patients to submit their health readings to their healthcare providers, and it also keeps patients safe and away from the risk of catching the virus, since they can remotely share their health readings with physicians or healthcare providers.

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