With the pace of change and technological advancement within the IT industry, there’s a consistent need for exceptional talent with the required skill set to complete projects at tight deadlines. Staff augmentation provides businesses with the opportunity to hire flexible developers to complete the tasks needed at the desired output level and deadline. However, no two developers are ever the same. Several considerations must be taken into account if a business decides to augment staff via an IT Staff Augmentation Company or one that facilitates this staffing service.

Key Factors to Consider When Hiring Freelance Developers

Is the process of partnering with the company simple?

The attention to detail and communication differs from one company to another. The company one selects to assist in the process of augmenting staff must be able to comprehend the exact staffing needs and vision of a business. This helps you with effectively selecting the most suitable candidates, helping eliminate the high cost of manually selecting and hiring labor both in terms of financial cost and time required.

Does the company provide talent with the required skills?

While all IT Staff Augmentation Companies provide a large talent pool for selection, not every company is the same. Before selecting a company to partner with, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research on the company’s exact capabilities and the services it provides, be it UI/ UX design, agile project management, or coding.

Has the potential talent been hired solved similar development problems or undertaken related tasks in the past?

There is no shortage of freelance developers available within the IT industry, but distinguishable developers are the ones with experience. When evaluating the shortlist of candidates selected for business by an IT Staff Augmentation Company, various characteristics need to be considered. Such factors include how knowledgeable the developer is within the field of the project at hand, the experience in working on similar, if not identical, projects or issues in the past, and their overall communication skills. These factors are critical, so you can overcome any challenges and discuss the scope of your work and clarify the required tasks.

Is the candidate a good fit considering the company’s culture and core values?

When a business decides it wants to undergo the process of staff augmentation and hire new off-shore or on-shore staff, it should look beyond skill and execution. While these two characteristics are of critical importance when it comes to meeting tight deadlines, the cultural aspect is to be assessed. The goal should be to achieve a state of balance between full-time, permanent staff, and short-term, flexible staff. Someone willing to be a team player would be a great addition to the team.

What are the functionalities needed? Is scalability a critical variable?

When hiring staff, it’s important to set business goals and a clear plan for the task and project at hand. This involves considering if the company is open to new ideas from the developers’ end. The hired developers need to understand the company vision clearly. If scalability is considered, then this needs to be communicated to the staff employed. If they’re helping to create a solid foundation, any changes in software down the line can be accounted for, and an agile system can be created.


Staff augmentation is genuinely shifting the way companies are hiring within the IT industry, and this revolution is paving the way for better chances at increasing productivity and efficiency. It’s helping fill the gap many companies face when trying to optimize their workflow. If you’ve established your business goals and are looking for help to guide your vision, consult us today at Cornet Elevated.

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