Within the IT industry, there is a continuous fast pace of change and technological advancement. To keep up developers must have the necessary skills and expertise to be able to stay on top of the latest market trends and maintain a competitive edge within their community. When a business wants to hire a new developer, there are a variety of traits beyond just expertise that must be analyzed to ensure that they would be a good fit. This applies to both businesses looking to hire permanent full-time developers in a traditional hiring manner or through an outsourcing company that provides staff augmentation services. So how can a business differentiate between a good developer and a great developer?

Continuous Improvement Mindset

One of the differentiators of great developers is their curiosity within the IT field regarding new trends and their desire to learn. This includes learning new languages that will help facilitate their workflow or experimenting in areas of unfamiliarity to learn new skills. A business that hires a developer with such a trait that is not intimidated by what they don’t know will guarantee that they will always be willing to approach projects in different ways and helps encourage different perspectives that can make workflow more innovative and overall increase workflow efficiency.

Technical & Analytical Mindset

A good developer will possess the necessary skills to navigate the technical aspects of a project, while a great developer will go beyond that and question the reasoning & logic behind the functionality of the technology they are using. Such technical skills and expertise would further be optimal when combined with analytical skills. A great developer should be able to solve whatever problem presents itself, whether it be a simple problem or a complex task.

Excellent Time Management

A great developer is one that can demonstrate a great sense of reliability. This goes beyond just the ability to be able to deliver the final product at the designated deadline. They need to be able to work smart, balancing between both completing tasks in a timely manner while still ensuring that the overall product is effective and reliable. Good solutions are the ones delivered on time and don’t require constant changes due to an excessively fast programming pace. Great developers will be able to work to create simple and ensure well-tested solutions.


As with any project, there can always be unexpected changes that require scalability. A great developer needs to be able to accommodate any unexpected changes in project scope or overall direction. Such a task will be even easier for a developer that lays a solid foundation throughout their work writing clean and neat code, that allows for easy alterations either by them or anyone who will need to work on the project using their code.

Team Player

A great developer must have the interpersonal skills needed to communicate effectively with other developers or team members, for all the parts of a project to work effectively simultaneously. Another important trait that a great developer will possess is the ability to communicate with technical and non-technical team members alike. They should be able and willing to assist other team members when needed and will contribute to the overall productivity of the team.


There is a wide range of both soft and hard skills that a developer must possess to truly become recognized as a great developer within the field. Such an individual should be able to provide great user experience and needs to be concerned with the functionality and effectiveness of the final product in solving the problems it was intended for. At Cornet Elevated we can assist you with our staff augmentation services. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about how we can assist you through hiring from the top 2% of freelance developers.

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