Since we provide our clients with various IT services, and among these services is staff augmentation, we receive some questions about staff augmentation that are essential to business owners. We have always excelled at making tech solutions simple, and to simplify the process even further, we have combined and gathered a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Why staff augmentation?


Because it allows businesses to hire dedicated staff for critical projects or newly-introduced products, since they have quick adaptability, flexibility, and prompt responses, it ensures a revenue increase. As industry experts, the vast experience and knowledge we have gained over the years have shown us that IT companies can gain huge returns when implementing smart automation.


What exactly do we mean by smart automation? By deploying only the most reliable solutions, we guarantee that your business can save both money and time, and as a result, boost its bottom line and its overall operational efficiency.

What does the process entail?

We take a 6-step approach when helping staff the businesses of our clients. The first step involves listening to the needs and vision of our client. This ensures that the client’s core values and work environment are both reflected and taken into account when staffing. During the second step, we identify the best candidates who are then shared with our client for feedback purposes in the third step. The fourth step involves having our top-notch developers begin their work on the designated project. Finally, the fifth and sixth steps include consistent engagement and monthly reviews, as well as evaluating whether any changes in staff need to be made based on market trend changes or changes in company goals or performance.

How can the final product be guaranteed?

We understand your concerns when it comes to staffing needs, as it is one of the critical factors that can affect the overall future success of a business. Our zero risk factor, clean code, and perfect layout all assist in making our clients more comfortable during the implementation phase, and our painless communication gives our clients a competitive advantage. Regular post-hiring engagement ensures that any problems that might arise are dealt with promptly. The scalability factor guarantees that any future changes can be accommodated for, whether they be to scale up or down the size of staff. Review our client testimonials for more on the ways Cornet Elevated has helped give its clients a brand new edge within the industry.

Are the services provided on-shore or off-shore?

We provide services based on our client’s selection from one of three staffing models. The first one we offer is a 100% on-shore plan created for businesses that operate from within the United States. The second plan is a 50/50 model that provides clients with a hybrid of both, and also offers the best overall value. The third plan is an 80/20, where the individual needs of the clients are initially discussed and assessed. The sign-up process for each is fast and straightforward, as it involves filling out a form to submit a request.

Is there a need for the commitment?

No, there is no need to fear commitment to one of our IT staffing plans. We offer a free consultation, so we get to know the client. This request simply facilitates a discussion of the project at hand and the individual staffing needs of our client. There is also no limitation concerning the size of the team that can be augmented. This solely depends on the needs and goals of our client, and we provide scalability so that even when specialists are hired, the size of the team can be scaled up or down in the future.


From reduced capital costs to accelerated time-to-market, the benefits of staff augmentation are beneficial for businesses that want to meet deadlines and increase efficiency at the same time. Visit our blog for more on the top 7 benefits of staff augmentation. If you’ve identified your business needs and would like to begin your journey with Cornet Elevated today, contact us.

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