Lesson 1

Programming is one of the areas that is consistently changing with the fast pace of technology and requires strict attention to detail & readiness to learn new languages. As explained through the quote programming goes beyond problem-solving techniques. One of the critical factors of a software program that must not be overlooked is its ability to stay relevant on the long-term and its compatibility and resourcefulness when it comes to dealing with unplanned issues or problems.

Lesson 2

When it comes to the field of programming, a developer is as good as the code they write. There are countless developers in the market, whether in-house working for one company or freelance working on a multitude of diverse projects. One of the main differentiators between a developer and another is their expertise and comfort level with a certain language, and the structural integrity & overall quality of that code.

Lesson 3

This quote acts as an extension for the quote discussed above. There is no objective definition of what makes a great programmer. However, there are factors that can help distinguish a good programmer and these habits include things such as their technical & analytical mindset as well as the willingness to explore areas of unfamiliarity within the field to learn and expand their skill set.

Lesson 4

The programmer that writes a code might not necessarily be responsible for its maintenance throughout the development process. To make it easier for future developers to debug it needs to be well-commented and understandable code. The code must go beyond being computer friendly but also equally as human-friendly as possible for fellow developers and the end user.

Lesson 5

An important consideration when discussing programming is keeping on top of the latest trends. As outlined by the quote, it is important to catch the wave when it comes to trending tech solutions and programming languages. This is strategic in keeping a competitive edge within the market otherwise other companies will take over.

Lesson 6

This quote acts as a reminder that one must take a step back before beginning the process of coding to fully analyze and get a complete picture of the problem at hand to be able to effectively solve it. Often times a programmer can rush into the process without thinking extensively prior to writing the code, and while there is nothing inherently wrong with doing so there are likely to be roadblocks and functionality issues throughout the process if not planned in advance.

Lesson 7

The learning curve within the field of programming is steep, and thus requires a large investment in both time and effort to truly progress and build the required expertise. This means that is important to realize that clever code needs just as much if not more effort in the debugging stage. A programmer needs to learn how to code smart, not necessarily as hard as possible.

Lesson 8

A programmer can be brilliant but if they are not productive then their skill set and intelligence cannot be put to the test and used while working on a project. That’s why productivity is among the traits & characteristics that are highly in demand when it comes to hiring developers within the market today.

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