In recent years there has been a revolution in the way IT companies are facilitating their needs for talent and specialized skills. The IT industry is rarely static, and the type of skills and expertise needed by employees is ever-changing. While traditional staffing methods have been used extensively in the past, relying on staff augmentation can yield a long list of unexpected benefits. What changes do companies experience, and what are the benefits that can be reaped from having a hybrid of both internal staff as well as outside help from flexible employees?

1. A larger talent pool of qualified and specialist staff with extensive expertise

There are various times where a team working on a project is missing specific skills or knowledge. One of the benefits of staff augmentation is that candidates that are exceptionally skilled at the missing gap the company is experiencing can be hired. Furthermore, companies can gain access to a more extensive selection of suitable candidates, as the market is substantially larger. The costs of hiring an experienced professional long-term can be overwhelming. Still, this method of staffing allows companies to hire a certain skill level that would otherwise be near impossible to maintain if not short-term.

2. Scalability widens your chances of finding the best staff to hire

One of the main drawbacks of traditional staffing methods is flexibility. Upon hiring a full-time employee, a company will experience difficulty in the occurrence of sudden changes/ shifts in the industry or market in which it functions and specializes. Staff augmentation is an excellent solution for those companies that regularly experience constant shifts in demand. The team’s size working on a project can easily be scaled, both up and down, depending on current needs and overall finance positions throughout different times during the year.

3. Reduction in labor overhead costs

Staff augmentation provides companies with top-notch services and solutions while ensuring that there will be no ongoing long-term commitment. Furthermore, one of the benefits, especially for small-sized companies, is decreasing their need to sustain factors such as tax benefits and insurance to full-time employees.

4. Meeting each and every project deadline

As with any project, there are surely deadlines for delivery; however, within the IT industry, deadlines are of critical importance. With the introduction of staff augmentation, a company can meet its aggressive deadlines by hiring short-term staff. Candidates can be hired at the minimal time to help complete projects on time and at the required quality allowing a company to continue to thrive.

5. Execution of utmost operational efficiency

One of the essential advantages of remote work is the elimination of some of the infrastructural costs incurred by companies. When short-term flexible employees are hired, they work remotely. This can be an advantage to small companies that want the expertise that comes from hiring specialized individuals without incurring the substantial cost of housing and operations cost from a fixed location.

6. Management control over staff

Companies, through staff augmentation, can benefit from hiring short-term employees that they have control over. They are directly responsible for their assigned tasks and for integrating their services and help within the current team and project at hand. Companies retain full management and are in full charge of the process from start to finish.

7. Saving time and staying focused

Hiring through staff augmentation eliminates the lengthy process of hiring employees through the traditional method. With additional assistance with the screening process, the gap in the team can be filled at a much faster pace. When specialized employees are hired, there is also an additional benefit of maintained focus. The developers employed have a specific assignment, task, or role so they can solely focus on the task at hand increasing overall workflow efficiency.


In conclusion, staff augmentation is a convenient and effective staffing method that can be used in a variety of situations to sustain positive company performance and output. With staff augmentation, there is the elimination of the costs and liabilities of hiring full-time, permanent employees. If your company is considering staffing contact us today to learn more about the services and innovative solutions that Cornet can provide your company.

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