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Software Development

Automating complex business processes through innovative technology



Cornet Elevated

Technology on a higher note



What We Do

We transform businesses by making technology do the work!

Your tech solutions shouldn’t cause you headaches. We create apps that are easy to use and innovative in their creation. We modernize your business strategy, delivering unique and customized solutions so you get exceptional results, every time. Our team of passionate, experienced engineers strives to bring your grandest tech visions to life.

UI / UX Design

Intuitive interfaces have the power to supercharge your business. We help create brilliant, immersive user experiences through friendly, intuitive, and expandable interfaces.

Coding / Programming

Sometimes, small is better. We create each project using quick and precise steps that even a machine can easily understand. It’s all about infusing innovation!

QA / Automated Testing

Easily run automated tests over and over again, all with no additional cost. Save time and money, get more accurate results.

Agile Project Management

We tap into the power of industry-recognized Scrum & Kanban framework to deliver end-to-end agile software project management.


Our meticulously-tested tools and techniques are optimized to create a DevOps environment that is ready to build, develop, test, and deploy software, seamlessly!

Database Administration

Our secure, consistent, available, and reliable platform delivers the data you need when you need it, corporate-wide.

Who We Are

Your Business Expansion Service Committed to Your Growth


Cornet is a premier US-based leader, providing a full suite of tech solutions to help your business grow. We provide exceptional development services for customized mobile apps. We are a consulting agency that can help you at any stage in your project, from start-up to final delivery. Our goal is to provide you and your clients with a rich technology experience to help you get a great ROI across your tech solutions’ lifecycle.


Cornet’s mission is to be at the forefront of technological developments and advancement by delivering immersive tech solutions via an agile development process. We have over 30 years of combined tech consulting and solution creation that will help meet all your company’s needs. When you work with us, you know you are working with professionals who are ready to offer an exceptional experience on your terms. We believe in bringing a transformation, every step of the way!


We listen to our clients’ needs, goals and values to assure we represent them accurately across all our projects. We work with our clients in mind and assure our work is completed with creativity, integrity, and professionalism. Client satisfaction is our biggest priority!

90% Client Satisfaction Ratio
85% Employees Satisfaction Ratio
100% Customer Support
30 years of combined experience

Technology Expertise

Our capabilities include

Painless communication

Zero risk

Superior work

Top 2% of freelance developers

Perfect Layout

Clean Code

Smart Automation, Huge Returns

Leave it to the Professionals

Automation can save your organization time and money when done right. We have perfected the art of creating smart automation that will help you boost your bottom line.

Using our years of experience and engineering-led culture, we implement reliable solutions that revolutionize your business.

  • We listen to your staffing needs and vision
  • We identify the best candidates for your corporate culture
  • We share candidate qualifies with you and get your feedback
  • We help boost your staff with industry experts
  • We provide monthly reviews and regularly engage with you
  • We help you determine which staff should move up or down within
  • Hands on engagement in the design phase
  • Both parties agree to the scope and then we create user stories and design assets
  • Once your approval is earned, we move to the dev phase
  • We put together a full agile project team
  • We build, test, and deliver the final project
  • We provide continuing support for your project

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